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Lick candy
Lick candy
Lick candy

The candy has been on the market in the United Lick candy and Canada since the s [1] and was originally called Lik-M-Aid. It was originally manufactured by Fruzola[2] and then Sunline Inc. It comes in many different flavors with candy sticks that are included. Fun Dip is similar to fellow Wonka product Pixy Stixbut sold in small pouches, rather than paper or plastic straws. When called Lik-M-Aid, it consisted of 4 packets of flavored and colored lick candy. It also lick candy in sour flavors, including sour watermelonsour appleand sour lemonade. There is also orange flavored Fun Dip.

Lick candy
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Lick candy
Lick candy
Lick candy
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