Nitrous Oxide for Dental Procedures

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Our Marietta & Atlanta dental specialists at The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. are dedicated to giving you the most beautiful and radiant smile possible. But we know that sometimes, in order to achieve the smile you want, you may have to undergo some routine, but uncomfortable, procedures. These procedures, while not necessarily painful, can induce extreme nervousness and anxiety for most adults and children alike.

We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible during their dental procedures. That is why we use a gas called nitrous oxide to help reduce anxiety levels and prevent further discomfort for our patients.

Why choose nitrous oxide?

  • It’s safe and easy – All the patient needs to do is inhale the nitrous oxide (which feels like regular breathing) to be put into a state of conscious sedation, which is simply a more relaxed state of being. This treatment is also completely safe to use for children as well, who often face anxiety in the dental chair.
  • It has versatile doses – Nitrous oxide can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, but also to increase your tolerance to discomfort during your dental procedure. The amount of the gas that is administered to you can be increased or lessened depending on your needs and comfort.
  • Nitrous oxide doesn’t need “wear-off” time – Once your procedure is complete, your lungs will be flushed with oxygen, leaving less than a one percent trace of nitrous oxide. This means that you will not need someone to escort you home or wait in the chair after your procedure like you would with some anesthesia.

We strive to maintain the greatest level of comfort possible during your dental procedures. We invest only in the most advanced technology and high-quality materials to make your visit pleasant and stress-free.

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