Complimentary Amenities for Patients

Patient Comfort Is Our Top Priority

At The Szikman Dental Group, P.C., we are dedicated to making sure all our patients are comfortable and relaxed during each dental visit. We know that even the most routine dental procedures can cause anxiety and nervousness for some patients, and we want to alleviate this stress as much as possible. Our office is unique because we provide a variety of complimentary amenities for patients to enjoy during their visits.

In each of our operatories we provide:

  • Headphones
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Network television
  • Satellite radio
  • Movies

We also encourage you to bring your own mp3 player, cellphone or tablet to listen to your favorite music during your procedures.

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The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. knows that some procedures, like teeth whitening, can be time-consuming. This is why we offer numerous amenities to enhance your comfort and reduce your anxieties.

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