How Chewing Ice Can Ruin Your Teeth

Posted By The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. || 30-Sep-2015

For a long time, people have said that it is bad to chew ice. Others may argue that ice is merely water in frozen form so it cannot be bad. Many individuals will chew ice once they have finished their icy beverage, and others have made a habit out of ice-chewing. To help you understand why this is bad for your teeth, we have provided a list of facts below:

  • Violently chewing ice against the surfaces of your teeth can cause fractures, chipping, and cracking.
  • Chewing ice can wear down the enamel of your teeth.
  • Eating ice can increase your sensitivity to hot and cold foods.
  • This habit will make your teeth more vulnerable to decay.
  • Habitually chewing ice has been linked to anemia, which is a serious blood disorder.
  • Many people who have this habit suffer from iron deficiency.

To help you kick a habit that can ruin your teeth, we have provided a list of helpful tips:

  • Many dentists recommend chewing sugar-free gum when you are craving ice.
  • Because this habit can be connected to anemia, people with this habit should seek medical attention right away to see if medication or other procedures are necessary.
  • Let the ice cubes or chips melt in your mouth rather than chewing them.
  • Chew on baby carrots or apple chunks. This will give you the crunchy texture you may crave from ice.

Although ice is one of the most common habitually chewed foods that can damage your teeth, there are other culprits, including the following.

  • Hard candies:

Not only is the texture of this food dangerous for your teeth, but the high potency of sugar within these candies may cause cavities.

  • Citrus foods like lemons and limes:

The acidity of these foods can be harmful to your teeth since they can erode enamel, leaving you more susceptible to tooth decay.

  • Sticky foods such as dried fruit:

These sticky foods are filled with tons of sugar. Because of their texture, they can stick to your teeth. Of course, the sugar can cause cavities. These foods are more prone to being trapped between your teeth, too.

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