How to Help Your Kids Enjoy the Dentist

Posted By Szikman Dental Group || 14-May-2015

You might not remember your first trip to the dentist, but visiting a dentist for the first time can be scary for kids. If your child expresses anxiety or unease toward the dentist, these techniques can help them overcome their fear and develop positive oral hygiene habits.

  • Teach by example. Show your kids that brushing and flossing are fun. Every morning and evening, brush your teeth with your child so he / she perceives it as a positive experience. This will not only show your child dental health isn’t scary, but help him / her develop a routine to facilitate healthy teeth and gums.
  • Make it Fun. Bribery isn’t always the best policy, but it can help your kids overcome any animosity they feel about dental health. If your child doesn’t enjoy brushing his / her teeth, try an electric toothbrush. Technology is interesting and fun, and many electric toothbrushes for kids come in exciting patterns and colors.
  • Use a plaque-identifying product. At the dentist, you may remember using a product that revealed build-up plaque on your teeth. These products aren’t available to dentists exclusively; you can buy them for at-home use as well. Most of these products are in the form of chewable tablets or a rinse.

Putting Your Child at Ease Before the Dentist

There are many ways to help your child feel less anxious, or even excited, about visiting the dentist. If you’re planning a trip to the dentist, consider a “pretend” dentist trip before the real one. You can show your child what to expect by demonstrating how the dentist might use a mirror to look at his / her teeth or by letting your child pretend to brush a stuffed animal’s teeth.

Setting a good example is one of the best was to teach your kids about good dental habits and to reduce stress related to office visits. Some parents try to relate to their children’s fear of the dentist, but this is a bad idea. Children learn by example, and they will notice any signs of distress from you. Instead of relating to their fear, encourage them to look forward to their next visit.

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