Simple Tricks to Improve Your Brushing Routine

Posted By Szikman Dental Group || 12-Jun-2015

Brushing is an essential part of your oral health routine, but consistency isn’t always enough to make brushing effective. Like any routine, brushing your teeth is susceptible to “bad habits,” which can lead to serious dental problems. To make sure you’re brushing correctly, follow these simple tricks to improve your oral hygiene routine:

  • Brush Effectively
    Dentists typically recommend spending at least two minutes brushing your teeth twice daily. To make sure you’re giving all of your teeth the care they need, divide your mouth into quarters and spend equal time (about 30 seconds) brushing each section.
  • Use a Timer
    Two minutes doesn’t sound like much time, does it? You might be surprised at how much (or little) time you actually spend on your teeth. To ensure you’re spending enough time brushing, set a two-minute timer the next time you brush.
  • Use a Soft-Bristle Brush
    Compared to stiffer brushes, soft bristles improve brushing because they easily clean beneath the gums and between teeth. In fact, brushes with stiffer bristles can damage tooth enamel over time and may hurt your gums.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush
    Toothbrushes have a life expectancy. Generally speaking, it’s best to replace your brush once every three months. Older brushes with frayed bristles are less effective and may not provide the care teeth and gums need.
  • Talk to Your Dentist
    Experts suggest a variety of brushing techniques, from brushing in a circular motion to moving the brush back and forth. Simply ask your dentist for a recommendation if you are concerned that your brushing technique needs improvement.

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